Which Step is This?

Today I pieced the top. Didn’t take long. In fact, after all that angst and fretting and auditioning fabrics and waxing philosophical, once I get to actually piecing a top, especially a simply top like this – it feels very anti-climactic.

pieced top

But good. always good. Because I get to be working with the fabric again. Now I just have to find a binding that goes with that red.

Funny how I spend a lot of time to get to this step and yet in a sense it feels just like step one. Next biggy is quilting, of course. And making the label. And binding. Have I just completed step one?

While I work, sometimes Button, our standard poodle, sleeps near me. Sometimes her older sister, Luka, the labradoodle, does. Neither of them sheds because I am allergic to dog hair so our dogs must be hypoallergenic.

They seem to alternate studio duty. By some signal I can’t figure out, they switch. One goes upstairs to help Lauren; one comes down here to help me. I love their presence although I get a trifle concerned when they are very VERY quiet.

Luka has a taste for silk, especially duponi.  One afternoon it was stunningly quiet down here and I found her by my bookshelves of fabric, happily working her way through the silks. Not good for her. Not good for my stash.

Button, on the other hand, prefers flat-headed pins and push pins. Truly scary. I try to pick up every pin that drops but every now and then one will sneak by me somehow and Button will gleefully find it. So I get up a lot to monitor her when she is down here napping. Just in case. She thinks I very rigid and nosy.

Needless to say, my spools of thread are a dog’s idea of the perfect toy. And they are all VERY high up. And pincushions are beyond tempting too—those live at my height up up up on shelves and window sills.

It’s good I’m tall-ish. Tall enough. On their tip toes, they can’t quite reach this stuff. On my tip toes, I can.