yes, no, maybe, no, yes

I almost always choose the crazier or stranger or wilder of two options when I make my quilt designing decision. This is also how I play Chinese checkers and is probably why I lose all the time.

But today I decided to go with the milder of two options. I needed a secondary fabric for the border around the top and bottom of the quilt. I had enough of the primary border fabric to do ALMOST all of the quilt. But not quite. And even if I had had enough, I prefer to add another fabric because that’s just more interesting.

So I auditioned a bunch of fabrics and there was one that really seemed right. A little cutting edge, a little weird–I loved it. But really, we are talking about the least important fabrics in this quilt. If one can quantify the fabric roles, which I’m not sure is valid. But this fabric, whatever it turned out to be, had to be interesting without being a star.

After cutting out the 2″ strips (and as always, cutting out too much because ya never know…I mean I could have decided to replace the rest of the border fabric…I like to keep my options open), I decided it was too different. So I went with one of the fabrics from the main blocks. Just a wee sliver of it in the upper left and lower right corners (of course. I mean, that was what the quilt said would work and I agreed).

So the front is now finished. It needs a name. The border is supportive but not insistent. The blocks are all different sizes and I have emphasized this by not lining up them up along the horizontal. THAT looks cool to me. I hope it looks intentional, which it is. I am happy with it. It’s the right size and the elements seem to get along.  Now I need to remember NOT to overquilt it.

It appears below in two parts because something is whacked in my iPhoto and I can’t get it to allow me to export any photos of the quilt in its entirety.  ARGH!!!!!