It’s been a couple of challenging weeks. Which is when quilting is so important. Just touching my fabric helps. The dogs have been fighting some kind of crud for 7 weeks now – poor things! We’ve been making rice and chicken until we are both sick of the smell. And yesterday we added squash to the mixture. $600 in vets bills and still no solution.luka


What does this have to do with quilting? Simply that in quilting – any aspect of it: cutting out pieces, piecing, appliquéing, actually quilting—there is such peace. A soothing place to go.As all quilters know, I know.

Did I mention the root canal I had this week? I felt I didn’t have the umph to come to my studio for two days but that was a wrong decision. I should have. Quilting lowers my blood pressure, ups my optimism, soothes my soul. The dogs come down and eventually stretch out for a while and rest. I’m calmer so they can be calm.

I hope I keep this in mind and act on it, during the crises to come because life has crises. And I have the best coping mechanism in the world. If I can remember it.