Big Grin

I just found out one of my quilts has been accepted for display in the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum’s upcoming exhibit, Evolutions. The quilt is The Cabbages Practice Their Do-Sa-Do. I have had a huge grin since I received the notification.

Once I entered, I started  wondering whether any of my quilts would be chosen since, although I am experimenting with wild and crazy blocks, I don’t embellish my quilts nor paint them nor do anything that most “art quilters” do. But I am playing with color and motion. And I definitely think my quilts don’t look like most others.

So I am thrilled that the judge for this show saw what I am trying to do and how my quilts could indeed be considered a part of the endless, ongoing “quilt-as-art” evolution.

I have to think the quilt is tickled too. Nice to know you’ll been seen.


Cabbages is a totally happy quilt. It delights me to look at it. I wanted it to evoke motion, especially that charming motion of square dancing. Which is where the title comes from.

And yet I didn’t want to do a literal quilt about the subject. Just tried to convey the joy in being alive and in motion.

The judge doesn’t know but the back of this quilt is lovely. I show-cased pieces of the uncut fabric so viewers can see exactly what it is I did. And do for all my quilts. And I always think it’s fun to find out there is something extra about a piece of art – a hidden signature, a mini-portrait within a larger painting, or a surprising back.


The back is not about motion. It’s an aid to the viewer who happens to see it. It is something to please the person who winds up owning this quilt. And it is a thank you from me to the gods of quilting, fabric designing, textiles.

The front is me saying Whee! Let’s make the most of this very moment.

Dates of the exhibit to follow. I have to come down to earth again first.