Hanging Quilts

Hanging quilts is a true test of nerve in our house. We have a very heavy, very tall ladder that stores collapsed. This means it needs to be opened and the various sections locked into place, which ain’t easy if you have arthritic thumbs. Something the ladder designer oddly enough apparently never took into account. Perhaps he never imagined two 60+ year-old women would be using his product.

The two quilts in the living room go on walls that also line the stairs. So getting up on the ladder, one is essentially hanging over a stair well. This makes me go kind of limp which is not a good condition to be in climbing a ladder.

I have been known to totally freeze on ladders. There was the time I had to be talked down from an observation platform ladder in western Massachusetts.  However I don’t see myself as a chicken and so I constantly seem to put myself into places where I really should know better.

But since yesterday was Valentine’s Day, let’s include the nicest gift I’ve ever gotten, which is Lauren doing the climbing. She is not so tall as me so she has to climb even higher than I do, to get these quilts hung.

My palms sweat the whole time she was up there.

Now the quilts are hung and they took terrific and I just love seeing them up. It helps me see them in a different way. I am able to see better somehow what I did and what the effect of the decisions I made was. Plus it makes me proud and happy.

We are going to have to invent a different way to get them hung. Another year or so and it will go from being brave to being dumb to climb the ladder.

But today I am delighting in the present of their presence. And plotting all the things I’ll do differently the next time I do that pattern.