Sending My Scarf Thru the Printer

I have never wanted to take the time to make covers for my machines. So my sewing machine, my computer, and my printer are covered with silk scarves. These are pretty and pleasant to the touch and pull off very easily. Possibly too easily. Because this morning, and not for the first time, the scarf that covers the printer is stuck in the printer.

How does this happen? Well I tend to forget to pull it off until I notice that odd grinding noise the printer makes when there is a scarf jammed up in its innerds. You know the sound? Or maybe you don’t since I am not convinced that too many people have this problem.

It’s not a pretty sound. What is even less pretty is what happens to a scarf that has spent time enmeshed with the gears of a printer and near the ink wells. I think I am going to pretend that I have intentionally added that rather strange black and turquoise stain pattern on purpose to the scarf.

After all, the scarf will ultimately be part of a quilt since I don’t wear scarves which is why I have a few to throw over my machines. So I am going to pretend this is an intentional embellishment.

Provided I can get the scarf out of the machine. I have always been able to before. But it takes a certain finesse.

I am hoping that the printer won’t have to be replaced. Because I went and bought some extra inks and of course, they won’t fit in any other printer. I am trying to sell some ink on eBay that worked on my previous printer. I am hoping that there are people who don’t run scarves through their printers and thus still have the model that takes that ink.

All this to procrastinate getting the printer to part with the scarf. Okay, guess I’d better try it again. I am actually getting pretty good at this. A new skill to boast about – pulling scarves from printers. Is it a talent or a gift?