Although I love a guild’s Show and Tell, I am always a little nervous presenting my own quilts because I am  really trying to do different things with my quilts from  what a lot of quilters do. Intentionally but still…

What am I afraid of? That all the guild members will rise up as one and scream, YECH! How likely is that? Most quilters are pretty polite, I’ve found. If they hate your quilt, they won’t say much. To you, at least. I really there’s a pill in almost every guild, you know the type, she sits and frowns mightily at you and makes you think that besides the fact that your quilt stinks, your nose is running.

Although I have learned that sometimes that’s just someone’s face. I was getting really upset with an audience member at my trunk show whose face got longer and more frowned up, the more quilts I showed. But after my show, she came up to me (I think I may have winced) and was lovely, enthusiastic, and supportive. So maybe she was just uncomfortable in her chair or had had a terrible day.

I am trying to do something new, I think, with quilting. I have eliminated all embellishment from my quilts and am focusing on the prints and trying to make my quilts dance. This is a hard thing to explain in the brief period you have during Show and Tell.

And I am one of the first who wants everyone else to take less time during Show and Tell. So I can’t then allow myself to  take a ton of time. I guess.

Tonight is my guild meeting. Obviously. That’s why I’m fretting hours in advance. I want to show off my recent quilt, tell about my website, and thank several people for their encouragement.

While still being brief, funny, and to the point.

I’m thinking, courtesy of the Oscars, of writing down what I need to say. Although this year. I didn’t notice anyone at the Oscars using those crib sheets the way they used to. Maybe it’s because I was sewing labels on my quilts during the show, so I mostly listened. But those crib sheets used to be ubiquitous and you just don’t see them anymore.

And isn’t the Oscars the best for an excuse to sit in one chair and get some good hand work done?

Where was I? Ah yes, nervous about tonight.