I did it. Announced my website and my newly professional status to my guild. And I survived. In fact, it felt good. Very validating.

But it also felt like  step one. With so many more to go.  And heck, I thought I’d already taken so many steps to get to here. Funny how that happens. Kind of like quilting. So many steps before the quilt is done. So I guess I have to remember to enjoy each step and keep pushing forward.

I underestimated how emotionally draining this would be for me. Who knew? I was truly nervous before I spoke — normally I am not nervous speaking in public — and I felt totally drained once I sat down. Amazing.

Basically I thanked the guild for its support and inspiration in helping me determine I could do this. Two people there have really been great — the former president who really hondles me to do more and move forward. And the web master who also designed this site.

The rest of the guild members are almost always pleasant but I notice that, as with so many guilds, they tend to hang with their friends. Heck, I think I did this back East in my old guild. I’m not sure how guilds can overcome this. But it is hard breaking in as a new person. Also true in life. This time I had a swell talk with someone I’ve seen every meeting. So one by one, in fact (moan) step by step, I make friends. Having moved here to Colorado after 18 years in the same place, I am relearning how to make friends. I thought I was a natural at it. I forgot how many steps are involved. Kind of — again — like quilting.

I wonder if people realize how much a friendly chat means to someone new. I think I will start looking for the new people each time and talk to them. This seems like DUH to me but I have not been going it. Too shy? Too tired? Who knows. It’s time, though, for me to start reaching out more.

So Monday night was not just the step of announcing the website, but another step toward building a community for myself. I think it takes less time to finish a quilt.