Yesterday we went to the Denver National Quilt Festival. I have five quilts in various exhibits there. Is that cool or what? Two were juried into the show itself. Two are part of the Colorado Quit Council’s special exhibit. And one is in a SAQA exhibit. I was in heaven.

Whoever hung the show, hung the special exhibits too, and that person likes my quilts. I love you, whoever you are! Thanks for the great placements.


The first quilt of mine that we saw was Summer Solstice in the Rockies which is a simple block, really, but I took great advantage of the huge floral prints that are out there. I think it’s a swell quilt. And the person who hung it gave it wonderful prominence in the CQC exhibit – as you looked  into a section it was the quilt facing the viewer. WOW. I was so pleased, I just beamed. I radiated.

How things are hung is key of course. In previous years, my quilts have been – well –  not in the best light and not in the best spots.

But not this year!

The other quilt in the CQC exhibit, Wild in Sausalito, had really good light and was also very visible.

And then waddaya know but my entry in the SAQA exhibit was also facing the viewer and very – out there. I mean gosh. It was next to a very realistic pictorial quilt which was a fascinating contract. At least to me. I was just bouncing up and down by this time.

Which was a slight challenge because we’d rented a wheelchair for the day because my knees are not yet to the point where walking for hours on concrete feels good. Actually does it ever feel good?

I was grateful for the ride. And for LAuren, who pushed me through the show. Since she is so small and I am so, um, not small, it must have looked a bit like the wrong person was helping the wrong person. But she was wonderful. I am determined to get back to where I was and even better before the fall. But, for yesterday,  I was a beaming, bouncing, wild and crazy, happy quilter on wheels.

two in show

And then we wheeled over the main show and found the two quilts which had been juried into it.  They were also in great light and easy to see. My mysterious pal who hung the show had decided to hang these two in the same section, on perpendicular walls. Which was again a very wild juxtaposition of two really different quilts. I enjoyed the contrast. Obviously he or she did too. Neither quilt looks like the same person could have made the other one, if you follow me. (Our Love Was Like a Ruby and Maybe It’s the Acid Rain.)

me and ruby

I am pretty convinced I will never win a quilt show, because what I

do is really not traditional but neither is it ultra weird. Of course I always hope. But I know I won’t win. (I guess.) Anyway the judge of this particular show made decisions that seemed very conservative to me. And with that kind of judge, I’d never win.

But the point of entering is to be seen (I keep telling myself—and honestly I do believe that most of the time. As opposed to winning a ribbon. Who needs a ribbon. Right? Just another thing to dust.).

So it’s really good to have my quilts hung very visibly and not buried in the middle section of several sections in a row that has terrible lighting. This time they were seen. You couldn’t miss them.

Why is being seen so important? Because we work alone for the most part and so it is thrilling to get notice, feedback, and a sense of community. And a sense of where we fit or don’t fit in. I noticed a couple but not more than two – people who are doing what I do. That means there are at least two people who understand what I’m trying to say. And that feels good too. And I also like that mostly I don’t fit in. Because that’s how my life seems to be playing out. At least I’m consistent.

And I have to say, thank you mystery hanger! You have made me incredibly happy and very content. May you sleep well at night and have days of beauty!