My mother was a consummate hand quilter. I learned nothing from her. I’m self-taught. In fact, when I started quilting I had no idea there were guilds or books or magazines out there, so I spent a lot of time inventing techniques and concepts that it turned out were common knowledge. For instance I thought I’d invented string piecing. Nope. But who knew?

I’m a graduate of Mount Holyoke College (1970), the oldest woman’s college in America, where I minored in art history because I spent my childhood going to New York City museums with Mom. I went to Northwestern University for my MA (in English) but spent a whole lot of time at the Chicago Art Institute, absorbing the art.

At Northwestern I finally learned I was dyslexic. That explained why the way I solve life’s – and quilting’s – problems is so very different from how most people do. And dyslexia, I think, taught me that there is absolutely not just one way to get things done. And it’s why I think crooked lines are much more interesting than straight ones.

I worked for years as a copywriter in a variety of jobs, including some on the edge of Manhattan’s fashion world. That’s when I fell in love with fabric and needed to make my art.

It’s been 30+ years now since I started. My art is beginning to get national recognition in juried shows and my writing now focuses on the joys of piecing and the sheer pleasure of putting a new quilt together.

Since I started in entering shows in 2008, my art’s been in the Denver National Quilt Show (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013); the Colorado Capitol Quilt Show; 5 quilts were on exclusive display in the private offices of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and First Lady of Colorado; and my quilt “You Decide. No, You Decide” was selected for inclusion in 500 Art Quilts, published by Lark Books, 2010.

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